God’s Mercy

In view of God’s Mercy — A series of services for the Season of Lent

Lent is a season when we take a look at our lives in view of God’s mercy toward us in the sacrifice of his Son for us on the cross. We, in turn, are called by God, especially during this time of repentance and reflection, to be living sacrifices for him, displaying our devotion to him in word and deed. Jesus helps us to see the richness of God’s mercy in his life, death and resurrection. During this series we will look at God’s mercy in the ashes of Ash Wednesday, the midst of temptation, suffering, betrayal, in relationships, in service, in the bread and wine, and finally in the cross and empty tomb.

It can be easy enough to be reminded of the bad parts of life and the suffering that we endure as sinners living in a sinful world. Though I’m sure you have heard the message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, it is always good to be reminded of it again. It is always good to hear of God’s mercy anew. During the Lenten season, these services offer us an opportunity to hear of God’s mercy in a slightly different way and can help you to gain a fresh perspective on what God has done for you through His Son, Jesus.

Pastor Mehl