Easter Service

Good Shepherd friends and family,

I regret to inform you that we will not be meeting at the 66 Drive-In Theatre tomorrow. The weather forecast for Easter Sunday is still a chance of thunderstorms. The forecasts that I have looked at show a large group of thunderstorms moving across Arkansas with our region getting a bit of the top part of the system. If the forecast was sparse rain I may have decided to tough it out but standing outside leading a service in a thunderstorm does not seem like a prudent choice. Furthermore, this would have been the first time we would have held a service there. Getting situated and learning how and where to set up equipment is a significant task in fair weather. If I knew exactly how, where and what I needed to do I might have been more bold. As it is, I do not think that it would be quite worth it to have you all come out to a service that you may not be able to see or potentially even hear.
As planned, I will record the Sunday service tonight and get it up on Facebook by Sunday morning. Perhaps we will have to revisit the 66 Drive-In Theatre option another time. God’s blessings to you all and have a happy Easter.

In Christ,

Pastor Mehl