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Let’s Make Some MUSIC

Linda D. has agreed to serve as the Music Coordinator for the congregation.  She will be contacting, scheduling and pursuing musicians and singers for the purpose of enhancing our worship services with special music.

Please contact Linda if you are interested and willing to serve the church and God with the sharing of your musical talents.



Our prayers go out to all those affected by the tornado that hit Joplin on Sunday evening.

Click this link to the Immanuel Lutheran Church Joplin tornado page for information from our sister congregation in Joplin.

Click this link for information about Peace Lutheran Church in Joplin that was destroyed by the tornado.

This is a piano tribute by Kyle Dickey:

Music for Church

We have so much musical talent in our congregation and we want to use it to the fullest.  Thus, John N. and Michael G. have taken on the responsibility to help identify, expand and coordinate this talent for our worship services.

Talk to them about your ideas, tell them about your talents and let them know what you want to do to help make our music the best it can be.

Shepherd’s Strings Played for Residents at Autumn Place

On Monday, August 23, the Shepherd’s Strings played for the residents at Autumn Place in Joplin.  Linda D. introduced the members present for this performance.  Janet C. gave a history of the dulcimer and harp instruments.  Janet S. played a solo on her Banjo dulcimer, which is one of the newest instruments in the Shepherd’s Strings.  While this was their first venture, the group felt their efforts were very appreciated and the residents sang along with enthusiasm.  The ladies look forward to playing at Care Centers as a way of sharing the joy of music with those whose entertainment is limited.  The group would very much appreciate adding a guitar and other string instruments.  We encourage anyone with an interest in this ministry to come enjoy the fun.  Leann B. was not able to join the group at Autumn Place, but we wanted to include her picture because she plays with the group and was very instrumental (no pun intended) in getting the dulcimer group started.  The Shepherd’s Strings will be playing for both services on Rally Day, Sept. 12.