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Germany Trip

Mark your calendar!  On Sunday, July 13, during Bible Class time, Pastor will be giving a presentation on the trip to Germany.  He has compiled the many pictures that were taken during their time touring and put together a slideshow.

Because it is likely that this will last a little longer than the normal Bible class hour and it will be getting over around lunch time, it has been decided that a potluck meal is in order.  Please bring a dish to share and we will enjoy a light meal afterward.  Drinks will be provided.

Come and enjoy hearing not only about this wonderful experience, but also learn some things about the life of Martin Luther.


In Their Own Words

Excerpts from a few 2014 midweek school reports:

… In Midweek School I learned that fear means love.  When they say, “You should fear God” which that means you should love him not be scared of him.  I really like that they use a strong word like fear not just love.

Jensyn E.

… I love Midweek.  It’s fun to do cool big kid things and use big kid tools.  My favorite thing is learning about Jesus and God.  I get to see so many people here at church.  Church is the best place to be when you need God.  I hope someday you feel that way too.

Emmalee W.

… In Midweek class we read about the ten commandments and their meanings like one was about the 7th  commandment, You shall not steal.  The story was about Zacchaeus.  The whole point to get was, We should fear and love God so that we do not take our neighbor’s money or possessions, or get them in any dishonest way, but help him to improve and protect his possessions and income.

Jayden E.


Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

We finished our study of Mathew. We have started studying the Gospel of Mark. This would be a great time to join us.



Marriage by God’s Design is a new Bible Study being offered in the Conference Room on Sunday morning at 9:30. With the use of videos, group discussion and timely topics it looks at marriage as God designed in the Bible. You are most welcome to join this new group study.